About Us

Everyone has a place. Maybe picturesque, maybe simple, significant for a reason known only to you. That place is where your imagination thrives, your creative energy boils, and your ideas flow. To us this place is a bench, a small worn-out wooden bench, gently sitting in front of a bubbling river and watching the water go by. We call it our Riverbench. Our mission is to help all those we can escape to that place, harness the creativity and imagination within themselves, and find their Riverbench.


The publishing industry is a rapidly changing world. The uncontrollable growth and change in technology and how it effects what we read and how we read it, is allowing everyone’s voice to be heard. Your next book deserves to be something special, the next best seller, a recommended work popping up on Amazon accounts, and suggested reads lists everywhere. We have a plethora of experience in this unique niche of the publishing industry. From conception to launch, marketing, and beyond, we have all the tools you need to make your next work shine like the A-list piece it is.

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